Incopharm trades in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the veterinary and human market. The company is fifty percent owned by the Ofichem Group and is based in Hamburg and Moscow. For the sale of APIs Incopharm focuses on eastern Europe, the Baltic states, Belarus and the Russian market.

The company is also known as Incopharm Chemie-pharma-Marketing GmbH.


Audits for third parties

Incopharm offers the possibility of carrying out audits for clients. These audits are performed by qualified auditors. We offer this facility to reduce the frequency of audits to both clients and API manufacturers.

Own storage

At the beginning of 2011, the work premises of Ofichem Group were renovated. Because a large amount of purchased APIs belonging to Incopharm are at first stored in the Netherlands, a new warehouse was built. The warehouse is temperature conditioned and has ADR areas, loading docks, a quarantine area and a sample area. The warehouse is suitable for GDP distribution.

Complete service

Incopharm pays a lot of attention to customer service. They prefer long-term relationships with customers. Besides selling APIs they also offer the possibility of support in analyzing the ingredients and any other necessary support. These analyses can be carried out in Lab Ofichem’s own laboratory. Incopharm also think it is important to share their knowledge. The work method of Incopharm is personal and reliable. The customers' needs are always our first priority.     


If you would like more information about the APIs that Incopharm sells, look in the database. Naturally you can also contact us.