Histamine Phosphate

CAS-nr:  51-74-1
Formula: C5H12N3O4P 

Usage of Histamine Phosphate:

Histamine pPosphate is served to the patient as an injection for treatment of hypotension, severe hypotension, severe cardiac, pulmonary and renal disease. Histamine Phosphate acts directly on the blood vessels to dilate arteries and capillaries. The material acts as a potent vasodilator  when released from mast cells, during an allergic reaction.
Histamine Phosphate appears to have a physiological role in the body's defenses against a hostile environment, since it may be released when the body is subjected to trauma, infection, or some drugs. Under extreme circumstances, the effects of Histamine Phosphate leads to exaggerated responses with distressing results, as they may occur in some allergic conditions.
Side effects from Histamine Phosphate can lead to hypertension, hypotension, headache, dizziness, nervousness and tachycardia. Large overdoses can lead to seizures.


Histamine Phosphate is freely soluble in water.

At our Site:

Ofichem produces Histamine Phosphate solely as an active pharmaceutical ingredient on its own site in the Netherlands. In fact, it is produced under EU-GMP conditions. You can check our documentation availability in the table on the right or you can visit our company productdatabase, from where you can download several documents.

Formula structure of Histamine Phosphate:

Histamine phosphate