CAS-nr: 61825-94-3
Formula: C8H14N2O4Pt

Usage of Oxaliplatin:

Oxaliplatin was developed as an advanced colorectal cancer treatment. The compound features a square planar platinum(II) center. In contrast to cisplatin and carboplatin, oxaliplatin features the bidentate ligand 1,2-diaminocyclohexane in place of the two monodentate ammine ligands. It also features a bidentate oxalate group.

The cytotoxicity of platinum compounds is thought to result from inhibition of DNA synthesis in cancer cells. In vivo studies showed that Oxaliplatin has anti-tumor activity against colon carcinoma through its (non-targeted) cytotoxic effects.

Oxaliplatin functions by forming both inter- and intra- strand cross links in DNA.[3] Cross links in DNA prevent DNA replication and transcription, resulting in cell death. Oxaliplatin is typically administered with fluorouracil and leucovorin in a combination known as FOLFOX for the treatment of colorectal cancer.


Oxaliplatin is soluble in water and is being subscribed to the patient in a liquid form.

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