Own Production

Lab Ofichem produces in the production areas at Ter Apel the following products/product groups:
-    Sulphonamide;
-    Cytostatica;
-    Fumarates;
-    Bisphosphonates;
-    Various products.

All of these products are produced following the GMP guidelines.
Is your product not stated here, we will be happy to help you develop it.

Production areas

The production areas can be divided into large-scale, medium-scale and small-scale areas. Lab Ofichem has 5 large-scale production areas where up to a maximum capacity of 1000 kg per line per day can be produced, 3 medium scale production areas with a maximum capacity of 100 kg per line per day and 2 small-scale production areas with a capacity of 5 kg per line per day. In addition Lab Ofichem has research areas for organic synthesis.

Dynamic and flexible

One of Lab Ofichems strengths is that they produce a relatively large amount of products in relation to the size of the organization. This forces them to have a dynamic and flexible attitude and enables them to easily and quickly make changes with customers, exchanging products and produce under tight deadlines.

Contract manufacturer

Lab Ofichem is also prepared to act as contract manufacturer.
If you have any questions or would like to view the production areas, please contact us.


If you any questions about one of the products or about the production site, please contact us.