Ofichem Group’s Logistic department plays an important part in the buying and selling of APIs. Sending  products is one of its tasks, but it is also partly responsible for purchasing.

Large storage

The warehouse of Ofichem Group provides the necessary documentation for products that are sent to customers. At the end of 2011, the warehouse was completely renovated and has a storage space of more than 4000 M2. The warehouse is temperature conditioned and is equipped with ADR areas, loading docks, a quarantine area and a sample area. The warehouse is suitable for future GDP distribution.

Fast and comprehensive information

Through direct communication with customers Ofichem B.V. is able to deliver just-in-time. Their goal is to inform customers as soon as possible about shipments. If there is a delay or any changes then they will contact you directly.

Customer satisfaction survey

From the most recent customer satisfaction survey, it has emerged that the prompt delivery of products from stock is one of Ofichem B.V.’s strongest points. The so called one-stop-shop principle. At Ofichem B.V. you can order various products in one go, keeping transport costs low.


If you have any questions about your order or would like more information about the Logistic department? Please contact us.