The quality laboratory (Quality Control; QC) of Lab Ofichem was completely renovated in May 2011. The rooms are furnished with modern equipment and comply with all quality requirements. In the laboratory a variety of analyses are carried out to order. Mainly analyses on active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and raw materials used to produce conformity monograph APIs such as EP, USP, BP etc., but also analyses on waste water and specific analyses for third parties.

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We analyze APIs, raw materials used for the production of APIs, as well as finished products. Our analyses range from identity provisions to determining contaminants. We do most of the analyses in-house but in addition, we have a number of contracted Laboratories that can carry out analyses for us.

Development of analyses

In addition to carrying out analyses, which are already known within the organization, our organization continues to develop new analyses. This can be analyses for products derived from our research department, but also analyses commissioned by customers.

Validation of analyses

Each analysis provided by our Quality Control department (QC), is described in detail in our analysis protocols. The analyses will also be validated by the QA. Naturally all equipment is calibrated and equipped with IQ, OQ and PQ. In this way we can guarantee that the results meet the necessary requirements.

Analyses for clients

Thanks to our laboratory, it is also possible to fully analyze the trade products of Ofichem B.V. and Ofipharma. As a contract laboratory we can do the input control of products for customers. So that products can be used faster in your production. In this way we can offer the customer certainty and can save a lot of time and money. The laboratory can also carry out tests on specific parameters that are not listed in the monograph, which are important to you, such as particle size, tap density, bulk density etc. Another possibility is that specific batches of a particular product will be selected for you on 1 or more specifications.


If you would like to know more about the laboratory or want to know what we can do for you, please contact us. We will gladly inform you about the possibilities.