CAS-nr:  624-49-7
Formula: (CH3O)2(C2O2) 

Usage of Dimethylfumarate:

Dimethylfumarate is used to treat Psoriasis.Dimethylfumarate and its metabolite methylhydrogenfumarate are the pharmacologically active compounds, with Dimethylfumarate being the main component of the marketed fumaric-mixture. It is a lipophilic, highly mobile molecule in human tissue. The medications in which the Dimethylfumarate is being used, slow down both the accelerated cell division and the inflammatory activity in the skin. Dimethylfumarate is being served to the patient orally.  

Building on the link between psoriasis and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Dimethyl fumarate has been assessed as a possible treatment against both diseases.  


Dimethylfumarate is soluble in Methanol.

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Ofichem produces Dimethylfumarate solely as an active pharmaceutical ingredient on its own site in the Netherlands. In fact, it is produced in a dedicated workshop under EU-GMP conditions. The quality is according DAC 2010. You can check our documentation availability in the table on the right or you can visit our company productdatabase, from where you can download several documents.

Formula structure of Dimethylfumarate:



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