CAS-nr:  15663-27-1
Formula: cis- PtCl2(NH3)2 


Usage of Cisplatin:

Cisplatin or Cisplatinum is a chemotherapy drug. Cisplatin is administered as a short-term infusion in normal saline for treatment of solid malignancies. It is used to treat various types of cancers, including sarcomas, cell lung cancer, ovarian cancerlymphomas, and germ cell tumors. Cisplatin is platinum-based and was the first medicine developed in that drug class. Other drugs in this class include carboplatin. This is a drug with fewer severe side effects as Cisplatin. And Oxaliplatin, which is part of the treatment for colorectal cancer. 

Cisplatin has proven to be particularly effective against testicular cancer; the cure rate has improved up to 85%.
Cisplatin is approved for clinical use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It revolutionised the treatment of certain cancers. Detailed studies on its molecular mechanism of action, using a variety of spectroscopic methods including X-ray, NMR spectroscopy, and other physico-chemical methods, show its ability to form irreversible crosslinks with bases in DNA.


Cisplatin is soluble in water and is being subscribed to the patient in a liquid form.

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Ofichem produces Cisplatin solely as an active pharmaceutical ingredient on its own site in the Netherlands. In fact, it is produced in a dedicated workshop under EU-GMP conditions. You can check our documentation availability in the table on the right or you can visit our company productdatabase, from where you can download several documents.



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