Bisfosfonates produced by Lab Ofichem:
-    Disodium Alendronate;
-    Disodium Etidronate;
-    Disodium pamidronate;
-    Disodium pamidronate pentahydrate;
-    Disodium Zoledronate;
-    Disodium Olpadronate;
-    Etidronine acid;
-    Olpadronine acid;
-    Pamidronine acid;
-    Sodium Alendronate;
-    Zoledronine acid.

These components inhibit the degradation of bone tissue and are used in various skeletal disorders, such as osteoporosis.

Ofichem B.V. has an ASMF available for the products, Alendronate, Disodium Pamidronate (anhydride and pentahydride) and Pamidronine acid. For the other products an ASMF is still in development.

The production work for Bisphonates follows the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices ICH Q7.


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Disodium Pamidronate