Pamidronic acid

CAS-nr:  40391-99-9
Formula: C3H11NO7P2 

Usage of Pamidronic Acid:

Pamidronic Acid is a Bisphosphonate which binds to the Hydroxyapatite in a bone. Pamidronic Acid is used to prevent bone loss and to treat Osteoporosis. Pamidronic Acid also strengths the bone to prevent bone loss due to steroid use and certain cancers with high propensity to the bone. Pamidronic Acid is usually administered as an intravenous infusion, which can last up to three hours. Pamidronic Acid has the ability to sequester Calcium in the bone and is therefore used to treat high calcium levels. Pamidronic Acid is also being used for treatment of brittle bones.
Pamidronic Acid is known for the following common side effects, low calcium levels, nausea and dizziness.   


Pamidronic Acid is slightly soluble in water.

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Ofichem produces Pamidronic Acid solely as an active pharmaceutical ingredient on its own site in the Netherlands. In fact, it is produced under EU-GMP conditions. You can check our documentation availability in the table on the right or you can visit our company productdatabase, from where you can download several documents.

Formula structure of Pamidronic acid:

Pamidronic acid


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