Analyzing Techniques

Below you will find an overview of a number of analysis techniques that Lab Ofichem can carry out.
All techniques are mainly based on methods described in the EP, USP, BP etc.

-    Determination Residual Solvents according to EP;
-    Determination Benzene with headspace;
-    Chromatographic analysis;
  • HPLC: Assay, Related substances;
  • GC;
  • HPLC MS;
  • GC MS;

-    Determination Particle size;

  • Sieve analysis;
  • Laser diffraction;
-    Different titration methods;
-    Identification control-using IR;
-    Heavy metal test;
-    Conductivity test;
-    UV test;
-    NMR;
-    Tap density.

Not all analyses are described here. If your analysis is not listed here, or you have any questions about certain techniques or do you want to know what the costs would be to perform these analyses for you, please contact us.  We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.